Why Erectile Dysfunction shouldn’t be kept under wraps?

Thanks to the internet (and the voices of a few brave ones!) humankind is finally addressing some of the most dismembering conditions of the body which have been lacerated with social stigma, since time immemorial. We are talking of conditions like mental illnesses, menstrual conditions, erectile dysfunction and the likes. Not many people  realize that when we discuss any of such conditions, we are actually contributing to the advancement of medical science (even though we might not be actual doctors) by sharing unique experiences that lead to development of treatment methodologies. Speaking of treatment methodologies, let’s dive head first into what is Erectile Dysfunction, common causes and diagnosis by a reputed Erectile Dysfunction Doctor in Florida.

What is an Erectile Dysfunction (ED)?

An Erectile Dysfunction is the inability to get or keep an erection firm enough to have sexual intercourse. Usually self-diagnosable, it is a very common condition with safe and risk-free  treatment. More often than not, the common causes of an ED are medical but sometimes they can be psychological as well. An underlying medical issue concerned with blood vessels or nerves supplying the penis may also result in an ED. Sometimes an imbalance in hormonal functioning could also lead to an ED.

ED- A Canary in the coal mine?

While many may associate ED primarily as a sexual disease, it is often an early indicator of a heart attack. This is because the condition could result from atherosclerosis which is the gradual blockage of arteries resulting in heart attack and strokes. However, nothing can be determined without relevant medical tests from a specialist doctor. Gousse Urology have been treating this and several other urological conditions with rave reviews on each of their treatments.

What raises your risk of getting an ED?

Averting a lifestyle that raises your chances of getting a condition like ED is your best bet against prevention. Here are a few factors to bear in mind:

  1. Use of tobacco- An erection is the result of significant volume of blood flowing to the blood vessels. Tobacco constricts the blood vessels, narrowing them thereby limiting the amount of blood that could flow. This may directly result in an ED.
  2. Obesity- Obesity is the root cause of so many conditions that it should be legit removed from the face of the planet. While our scientists are doing that, you may as well try leading a healthier lifestyle as obesity too, reduces the blood flow to penis.
  3. Prostate cancer or radiation therapy.
  4. Any physical injury harming the region near the nerves connected to penis
  5. Any spinal injury or surgical treatment in the area
  6. Alcohol consumption or consumption of drugs

What does the diagnosis entail?

Usually self diagnosable, you may consult with a doctor in case you suspect this condition. Doctors usually have a questionnaire that determines the diagnosis based on your symptoms. Additionally they may also order tests like blood, sonography, Nocturnal Penile Tumescence. Since this condition can be treated fully and virtually risk free, there is no reason to not discuss this with a reputed Erectile Dysfunction Doctor in Florida in your region. If the doctor detects that this can be treated using medicines, such a prescription is made otherwise sexual counselling can also be undertaken. Some treatment and therapies may involve using natural herbs, kegel exercises and in serious cases penile implants or penis pumps as well. Testosterone therapy is also prescribed in cases where it is suited to the age of the patient.

Therefore, book an appointment with the best medical consult in Florida to manage your condition today.

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